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Draconum Drafts

We strive to keep our tap list fresh and exciting. These are some of our classics that will come and go to make room for fun, new beers.


6.3% ABV - 21 IBUs

This Saison is a Belgian-style, farmhouse ale. Made up of mostly Pilsner malt with just enough Vienna and Munich malts to add a bready backbone, followed by a touch of Acidulated malt for a slight tartness that accentuates the earthy Pacifica and Pacific gem finishing hops. Traditional noble hop Hallertauer Mittlefruh is added for bittering.


7.6% ABV - 75 IBUs

Siduri is a West Coast hop bomb IPA. It is loaded with all Amarillo hops for bittering and the dry hop showcases the versatility of this amazing hop. A solid malt backbone stands up to this bitter IPA bringing balance to the brew. Citrusy and dank, it sits on the upper end for an IPA in terms of ABV.


9.8% ABV - 27 IBUs

A Belgian Golden Strong brewed in traditional style with the majority of the grist comprised of Pilsner malt, which is accompanied by Belgian Candi Syrup and Hallertauer Mittlefruh hops. A touch of honey malt to round out the body leaves a nice sweetness to balance out the high ABV. This beer is medium bodied with noticeable amounts of Belgian yeast esters, pear, and orange with a lovely alcohol warmth in the finish.


9.2% ABV - 39 IBUs
9.2% ABV - 39 IBUs

A monster Imperial Red Ale, but still smooth and easy drinking. Brewed with 7 different malts to create a backbone that is sweet and caramel-like but balanced and fully attenuated. Gutterhead is medium bodied with just enough bitterness to keep the caramel malts in check. Dry hopped with Sorachi Ace and Amarillo, this brew takes on a whole new dimension of flavor: light lemon peel, notes of dill, and a slight citrus presence make this one truly unique.


5.7% ABV - 21 IBUs

A traditional Kölsch brewed with heaps of Pilsner malt and fermented cold at 56 degrees with a Kölsch yeast. This beer is hopped with noble Hallertauer Mittlefruh and then lightly dry hopped with Hallertauer Huell Melon. Crisp and light bodied with a dry finish, Melonkölschy offers malty and slightly fruity esters from the Kölsch yeast as well as an underlying "melon" flavor from the Huell Melon hops.

Ale of the Golden Dream

5.6% ABV - 15 IBUs

American Golden/Blonde ale. Pale malts with a touch of Caramel malt give this ale a light body with a bready presence. This beer has a crisp, dry finish with a mild lingering bitterness from the Saphir finishing hops. Ale of the Golden Dream is well balanced and great for a hot day.


8.4% ABV - 46 IBUs

This Double IPA has a huge Pilsner malt build with a touch of caramel and a hint of wheat. Hopped with Cascade and Centennial for bittering and finishing, this big DIPA has just enough IBUs to balance the malty backbone. Dry hopped with heaps of Citra and Mosaic for a tropical, citrusy, dank nose and taste, this DIPA is super smooth.

Juicy Drake

7.1% ABV - 65 IBUs

Smooth with a dryer finish, this IPA is dry hopped with Galena hops leading to a "grape juice" like juiciness on the nose and flavor. Cascade and Centennial hops in the boil contribute to the significant IBUs but the bitterness is well balanced by a malt build of Pilsner, Vienna, and a touch of Caramel malt.

Ebondrake (Nitro)

8.2% ABV - 35 IBUs

This Baltic style Porter is dark ruby red nearing on black. Unlike other stouts or robust porters, this beer boasts a mild sweetness with a relatively higher ABV. Notes of chocolate and currant bring balance to a slight alcohol warmth in the finish. Lightly hopped, this is an easy drinking Porter. Brewed with a Munich base malt, chocolate malt, debittered black malt and, one of the Brewer's favorites, Carafa, then hopped with Hallertauer Mittlefruh and Magnum hops. 

Something New

6.4% ABV - 22 IBUs

With a traditional Hefeweizen grist of 50% malted wheat, this beer is liquid bread! Lightly bittered for balance and fermented with a clean American ale yeast. Super refreshing and light bodied for easy drinking with a nice lingering bitterness, this is the quintessential "summer beer."

Check out our Untapp'd page for a full, current tap list, including our guest beers.

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